IP based cameras are the future. They work by turning images and audio into data then transmitting this data over a network or Internet connection. The key benefits of this over analogue CCTV systems are:

Greater Flexibility

IP cameras can be installed on to existing Local Area Networks (LAN) Wide Area Networks (WAN) or be transmitted via the internet and/or using wireless technology.  The images can then be managed for recording, storage & viewing almost anywhere within a network

Higher Quality Images

Whilst IP CCTV has been available for around 10 years, it is only in the last few years that the technology has matured, leading to the developments in Megapixel and High Definition (HD) technology. Take a look at some of our examples and see for yourself

IP System Design

We are able to provide IP Based CCTV Solutions using the latest technology and recognised reliable brands such as HIKVISION, Dahua Technology, Samsung, and Milestone.  We provide ‘Open Architecture’ Video Management Systems (VMS) we will design the most appropriate solution for your needs.

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