Business Yard Technological Solutions L.L.C. (BYTS) play an important role for providing better services of CCTV camera system to our valuable customers in Dubai and UAE. We are installing the CCTV security systems in various public places, buildings, offices, hotels, mall, residential and commercial area. We are the SIRA certified CCTV and Access Control System company in Dubai.

Consider some specifications when going to buy a CCTV camera. When making a purchase please make sure you are following the CCTV camera specification which is about lens, sensor, resolution, shape , type, range etc.

What is CCTV Camera System?

We need CCTV called closed circuit television is a TV System which is using for monitor and primarily for surveillance and security purposes. It is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place.

How it works

A CCTV system has four main components that are: the camera, lens, monitor, and video tape/recorder. From all those the camera is the mainly important component because it is the one which collects the images.

Our expertise

BYTS is a leading provider of CCTV camera in Dubai and Sharjah for residential and commercial establishments. We will provide you guarantee optimal protection for your properties. Contact with us by our toll free no 800BYTS (2987) and know why we are one of the most trusted security companies in Dubai, Sharjah and entire UAE.